Malcolm Lee Brings Back “The Best Man” Cast for a Reunion And a New Series

“The Best Man,” written and directed by Malcolm Lee and released in 1999, is the story of a group of college friends getting together for a wedding. As is typical in Hollywood films, the cast is talented, attractive, and charismatic, and the storyline, involving past and current conflicts between romantic partners and friends, is an engaging mixture of drama and romance. What made the film a cultural touchstone, though, was the setting, with Black characters who were confident, successful, and glamorous. A sequel, “The Best Man Holiday,” was released in 2013. And now Nischelle Turner () will be hosting the first episode of The original cast of the film will be reunited for the event including Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Monica Calhoun, Melissa DeSoussa, Terrence Howard, and Harold Perrineau. The episode will broadcast on ABFF PLAY, a free streaming platform focused on Black culture. The first two episodes of Hollywood Homecoming will also simulcast on the IMDb homepage, as well as the IMDb Twitch and social media channels by following @IMDb. Lee’s next film is the much anticipated new basketball/animation update “Space Jam: A New Legacy” with LeBron James.

I was lucky enough to join a small group of journalists for an interview with Lee about the original film and the updates. He told us that it was the sixth script he wrote while he was still living in his parents’ basement, and the thought that if this one did not sell, he might give up.

He said that Jeff Friday and Nicole Friday of the American Black Film Festival, the founders wanted to honor him and the cast for the 20th anniversary of its release, but because of the pandemic it was postponed and they got IMDb to televise it. “I asked the cast if they wanted to do it and they kind of all jumped at the chance to do so because the film was wildly respected, loved and beloved. We got together. It was a really good fun time. Lot of laughs. A lot of stories exchanged. Things I didn’t know. Things that they didn’t know. There’s a lot of great energy when we get together. I think it’s a testament to how the actors feel about the movie and about each other.” And we can look forward to another update on Peacock: “The Best Man: Final Chapters

Lee said he never planned that it would become a franchise.

One core element of the original film was a character’s writing a novel that exposed some of his friend’s secrets, so it was inevitable to ask Lee whether he based the characters on people he knew and how they responded.

We asked him about casting.

We had to ask about “Space Jam: A New Legacy.”

I think it’s probably the coolest movie that I have ever done. I really like the movie. I like and care about the characters. I think it’s fun. I think it’s funny. There’s a lot to like about it.

[Slightly edited for clarity]

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