Thanks, but one very small anecdote from the 1970’s does not equal data. A few years after that the mangled deregulation of the S&Ls (they let them invest in anything they wanted but kept the government guarantees if they lost money — who could have imagined that would go wrong?) resulted in disaster that taxpayers had to pay for. Now corporations spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year to promote regulations (often couched as “deregulations” that distort the market in favor of a small group of ultra-wealthy. Yet another example I’ve written about: If you have a specific regulation you think should be amended, I’d be glad to hear about it. Otherwise a grand generalization “deregulation is good” is meaningless.

Movie critic, corporate critic and shareholder advocate, critic/editor at @ebertvoices @moviemom, and #corpgov #movies and editor at @miniverpress

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